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Resale Shopping Tips

Here are 12 tips to make your shopping at Dazzle even easier and more enjoyable. And don't miss the insightful "Cost per Wearing" idea at the end of these 12 tips.

Shop Dazzle When you Look and Feel Good

1Looking and feeling your best will inspire you to choose great outfits. You'll have more patience to try things on and you'll be able to make buying decisions more easily too.

Dress for Easy Try Ons

2Clothing that's too complicated is annoying in the dressing room. Try dressing for a shopping day in a close-fitting top and leggings. You'll be able to whip items on and off quickly, perhaps even without waiting for a dressing room. 

Know Your Taste

3Are you happier in dark colors or lighter tones?Are you looking for a body-skimming fit or a looser cut? Save time looking through the racks and trying on by focusing on your favorite looks.

AND, Resale is Perfect for Something New

4Trying a new look is exciting and, thankfully, inexpensive when you shop resale. You probably can find an entire outfit at Dazzle for what you would pay for a single item at the mall.

Scan All the Racks

5Flip through, looking for favorite colors, fabrics, and styles. Be sure to check all the racks for possibilities. Maybe a cute jacket, cardigan or scarf will turn up that is the perfect finsihing touch to an outfit.

Check Sizes on Either Side of "Your" Size

6Manufacturers have different cuts, patterns, and base models, so you may be a size 8 in one brand and a 10 in another. The same goes for shoes!

Don't Skimp on Quality

7Especially at resale prices! A good leather belt will last for years. Quality fabrics hang better, stay neat longer, and hold their vivid colors longer. Remember, the better the quality, the better the bargain in resale.

Think Creatively

8Stay open to all possibilities. You might find an even better choice than you anticipated. For exmple, a heavy cardigan can be a fresh substitution for a jacket. As a bonus, the cardigan can be more comfortable and versatile.

Check Dazzle's Selection on a Regular Basis

9We take in 50 to 100 items every day, so there is always something new to fit your personal style.

Aim for 3-Season Clothing

10Spend less and minimize closet clutter with clothing that can be worn for as many months as possible.

Check Your Closets before You Shop

11That forgotten shirt from last year might be perfect for this year. And if it isn't, perhaps we can sell it for you. Consigning at Dazzle is easy, fun and profitable!

Finally, Remember Dazzle Also Sells Accessories

12We have a great selection of shoes, handbags, belts, scarves, hats and jewelry.

Figure Your Cost-Per-Wearing

The "Cost per Wearing" of your clothes is a great tool to help you decide if your wardrobe dollars are being spent wisely.

To calculate this, just divide the cost of an item by the number of times you'll probably wear it.

Let's say you're considering a zip-lined trench coat which you estimate that you'll wear five times a week all winter, plus a few times a week in spring and fall for two years. That means you'll wear that coat a total of 240 times. If you spent $180 on the coat at the mall, your "Cost per Wearing" is 75 cents! But if you bought that same coat resale for $60, your "Cost per Wearing" goes down to 25 cents!

And think of all the things you can buy or do with that extra $120 you saved by shopping resale.

Read more about reasons to shop resale!

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She Said That About Dazzle!?

  1. Heather S.
  2. Julie G.
  3. Nancy C.
  4. Julia S.
  5. Kendra C.
  6. Robin E.
Shopping at Dazzle is my favorite retail therapy without the guilt of spending too much because I always find great deals.Heather S.
I'm a BIG fan of Dazzle. I've been shopping consignment stores for many years and Dazzle is by far the best of any store I've been to. Julie G.
I love Dazzle! I love this store 'cause I always find something cute!Nancy C.
I love shopping at Dazzle because I can get top brands and designers that are not available locally.Julia S.
Love love love shopping at Dazzle!! Also love cleaning out my closet so I can do more shopping!Kendra C.
Dazzle is a wonderful place to shop. The price is right, all types of clothing, & wonderful brands! Love this place!!!Robin E.

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Dazzle is a women's consignment clothing store in Hayden, Idaho

8134 N Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835

Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm & Thursday 11am to 8pm

Bring consignments without appointment every day we're open.